Who makes Mucca?

Mucca is made by cold and heartless robots, and not one single person is involved in its development. Hey, just kidding! It's quite the opposite! If it weren't the people who work here every day, with mind, body and soul, to deliver the best web experience on the planet, we would be nothing. The best team ever. Competent, professional and a little bit crazy.

What do we do in this magical place?

To create and develop the best web sites and apps for mobile, like muccashop, jak&jil, orelhadelivro and many others, is not a piece of cake, we can tell you that. To work at Mucca is a great adventure, anything can happen and everyday is unique. One thing is certain, the work is made with precision, but above all, a lot of love. <3 <3


Isn't it great?! Well, join us then

So, you like what you've seen and would like to join the team? Of course, you're very welcome. We're always open for new talents. If you've got what it takes, why not give it a shot?

We are always looking for
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Where does the magic happen?


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